Account Help

Account Help

How Do I Log In?

Providing you are already registered and have an Inkredible account, you can easily log in by using the 'Log In' button at the top right hand side of the website.

Alternatively, you will also be prompted to log in or register after trying to progress beyond the basket screen when not logged in. Simply enter your registered email address or mobile number at this point. If your email or mobile number is recognised as registered, simply proceed to enter your password or mobile text verification code.

If your email or mobile number isn't recognised as a registered account, don't worry, simply enter a password or the mobile verification number to register easily and quickly!

Forgotten Password

It seems you need a password for everything these days and Inkredible is no different! However we do understand keeping on top of your passwords is a daily task so we have 2 options available should you forget your current password.

Password Reset

Performing a password reset is easy and can be done from the main login screen. Click the link that says Password Reset - Enter your account email address and if it is a valid account, we'll send a link for you to click. This will allow you to assign a new password before allowing you to go on your merry way!

Magic Login Link

Sometimes you might be in a hurry to place an order but have forgotten your password or you might have a particularly long or complex password. This is where Magic Login Link can help! Simply enter your email address and we'll send you a direct link to log in to your account. This link will expire after 1 hour for security reasons. If you need to set a new password we recommend the Password Reset option, as you can only change your password when logged in if you know your original password.

I Can't Log In To My Account!

In our experience, the biggest cause of login problems include the following:

  • Entering an incorrect email address, mobile number or password
  • Caps lock being active when entering a password
  • Extra characters or spaces in an email or password field

If you still need help to log in after checking the above and using the login tools described, please get in touch and we'll be happy to look into it further!

Managing Your Account

You can manage your account details by logging in to your account and selecting the My Account option at the top right hand side of the website.

Within 'My Account' you have access to several different options regarding your account:

    • Customer Info

Here you can change your personal account details, including name, email address and mobile telephone number

    • Addresses

Edit, delete or add new addresses to your account here

    • Orders

View past order details, print invoices or 're-order' past orders here

    • Back in Stock Subscriptions

Manage any alerts you have set up regarding out of stock products

    • Reward Points

View your Reward Points statement and current balance here

    • Change Password

Self explanatory! Change your password here

    • My Product Reviews

If you've left us any product reviews, they can be viewed here

    • Favorite Categories

Add, delete or update any printers you own here. If you're away from your printer and can't remember what model you have, simply log in and click into your favorites to place an order. We'll also use this information to send you relevant deals and offers if you opt in to receive marketing emails.

    • Customer Referrals

NEW! We know many of you like to tell friends and family about your Inkredible experience... Now you can earn Reward Points when they use your referral code and place their first order with us. The more people your refer, the greater opportunity for earning Reward Points. See if you can reach VIP levels of fame!

Reward Points

Here at Inkredible, we like to Reward our customers for their loyalty... So when you place an order we will award 1% of the total back into your account as Reward Points to spend in the future.

Providing you're Logged in to your account when placing the order, you can earn them simply by shopping as normal and spend them by selecting 'Apply Reward Points' at the Basket summary page.

If you complete checkout as a Guest you will not earn any Reward Points or be able to spend any available in your account.

Order Invoices

We now send ALL order invoices as a .pdf attachment on the Order Confirmation email when you complete an order.

You can also access your full order history from within the 'My Account' section. Here you can View, Print or Save copies of invoices.